coltercat: What's your opinion on GMOs? Personally, I think we need more studies done to prove that they're 100% safe. If proven safe I would be a but more open. ( If there have been such studies I'm not aware of please tell me ) My issue is that GMOs are the main component used in the industrial food system. We know industrial food model is one of the largest contributors to climate change and loss of habitat. So then why support GMOs in the agriculture model that is so harmful to the planet? Thanks!


Hi :) Good question. GMO’s have been more of a hot button issue as of late and the statements (x, x) made by Neil Degrasse Tyson have only ended in criticism and more upset by groups who were already afraid and disgusted by GMOs. It’s important to know that: GMO’s is not a bunch of mutant foods we grow in hideous, mad scientists lab experiments, we’ve been eating them as long as we’ve artificially selected for certain traits in food (i.e. foods that have better resistance against parasites, can’t/don’t grow in certain areas etc) and  they are safe (as far as we know) so long as they’ve been branded for human consumption. I think a lot of people get scared thinking of food as being grown in a lab, through some strange experiment or by papers that claim to have found negative evidence against GMO’s. Unfortunately, as a science person I only conclude that there there is no reasonable evidence to spark this virulent fear, hatred and disdain for GMO foods especially since I have not really seen any concrete evidence that shows a positive link between GMO consumption and cancer or any other illness and many of the sites and studies that say so are over sensationalized, quasifabricated and/or belonging to site that use a lot more fear than science or that push a certain kind of lifestyle . It’s actually surprising to me that much less people are worried about hormone, antibiotics and pesticide residue that may be in their food, instead or about controlling food intake, portion size and red meat and fried food intake. That is not to say that you shouldn’t be vigilant or anything since there is big money behind the companies that produce these products and that some companies products and methods may be unsafe, but to label all food that in the GMO category as unsafe because the word “modified” is in it,  or because you imagine Monsanto as an octopus whose tentacles spread vastly into all GMO companies, in my opinion, is unwise. The only set of consequences I can see making me or others fearful I could think of in this paper.*also note that for some articles (like the one from popsci) they use GM foods in a different way than Neil and I talk about their relation to foods that are artificially selected for. They tend to be roped up all into one by opponents (and sometimes proponents) but to be clear, the first kind of lab altered plants are appearing in the 80’s/90’s (?) but modifying food has been around for an extremely long time.*

Anonymous: What is the best way to clean a metal grinder with out soaking it in anything?


Scrape it with something, apply heat to loosen hardened oils and resins.

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Peanut Butter Mousse Cake


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